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Jaffa Tel Aviv

Jaffa Tel Aviv

Jaffa – Tel Aviv Company is owned by entrepreneur Tzuri Saada and specializes in initiating, planning and building boutique buildings all over the city of Tel Aviv – Jaffa. The company locates old buildings in the central and historic locations in Tel Aviv – Jaffa and turns them into real estate gems that provide a modern and comfortable living experience, while preserving their uniqueness and their historical and architectural character.

Main Projects

The New Standard of the Old North A boutique project on 31 Yehuda HaMaccabi Street, that is unique and modern and was built on the classical street of North Tel Aviv, starting from 3-room apartments

Meet 19 Montefiore Street, a Tel Aviv work of art for restoration in the style of “Small Tel Aviv”. Apartments starting from 3 rooms.

A classic piece of art, in the building's restoration process that is done according to the highest standards.


Even in Tel Aviv you need to know how to choose the best locations, and this is where our most significant advantage lies - in finding for you the most special locations in Tel Aviv's classic areas

Life Style and Living Environment

Home Styling

Bringing you the Tel Aviv of olden times also to the design of the house with luxurious retro design on the highest level...

Boutique Buildings

from the smallest detail to the largest. It is important to us to create for you an exclusive, spacious living environment with the richest technical specifications possible that will let you to experience the real Tel Aviv of the olden days.

Contact us

This is your time to build history together with us. Jaffa-Tel Aviv Group invites you to renew the atmosphere of olden times in the comfortable environment of today.


 3 Hashlosha, Tel Aviv (Egdar building, floor 29)

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